Concert No. 3


8th August

'Saftstationen - Damme'


Nordic String Quartet

Nordic String Quartet was formed in 2013 and consists of  Heiðrun Petersen (Faroe Islands), Mads Haugsted Hansen (Denmark), Daniel Eklund (Sweden) and Lea Emilie Brøndal (Denmark).

In a few years, the quartet has already made its mark on the Danish music scene. They have performed both inside and outside Scandinavia's borders, and have collaborated with a number of internationally renowned musicians, including Boris Berman, Sergei Osokin, Anthony Newman, Mats Lidström and Michala Petri.

In 2014, they were admitted as an ensemble at the Royal Danish Academy of Music's soloist class, where they studied with Professor Tim Frederiksen.

The Nordic String Quartet has a special love for the Nordic composers, and it is uncommon to find a concert where they have not put a Nordic work on the program. Not only does the older, world-famous composers, such as Grieg and Sibelius, live in their beating quartet hearts, but living, upcoming composers such as Martin Stauning and Andrea Tarrodi have also visited the Quartet's rehearsal room. It does not mean that the quartet does not enjoy diving into Beethoven, 

Shostakovich and Ravel's fantastic music - no, as the Nordic String Quartet, they just feel particularly obliged to convey all the "Nordic quartet gold" which in found in Scandinavia.

Nordic String Quartet is the recipient of Odd Fellow Logernes Music Prize, Léonie Sonning's Talent Prize and Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl Nielsen's Grant.

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