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 August 8th

'Saftstationen - Damme'


Bjarke Falgren is a fabulous violinist, the hardest swingin 'jazz violinist I have heard since Stuff Smith and I consider him my heir. - Svend Asmussen

Bjarke Falgren, award-winning 4 double grammy winner. Since the age of 7, Bjarke has passionately dedicated himself to mastering his instrument and the music that flows through his almost 300-year-old gypsy violin. Svend Asmussen - seen by many as the world's greatest jazz violinist - has enthusiastically described him as his heir and decided before his death in 2017 that Bjarke should be the first recipient of "The Ellen & Svend Asmussen Prize 2017"


Most recently, Bjarke has also received the Trelleborg Foundation's Culture Prize : “Grundtvig-Marie Prize” 2017.

Bjarke Falgren Quartet consists of some of Scandinavia's finest musicians: Janus Templeton (drums), Morten Lundsby (double bass) and Henrik Hallberg (guitar)

Bjarke tours the world and has released 10 CDs. In addition, Bjarke writes and produces films and theater music, teaches at music conservatories at home and abroad.

In addition to his work as a performing musician, Bjarke also produces and composes theme music and accompaniment for everything from ballet music to the royal. theater, film and TV. Among other things. feature films such as “The Birds Over the Sound” and the music for the documentary “Cool Cats” about Dexter Gordon and Ben Webster as well as e.g. the Swedish theater performance “Jag som blev kvar”.