August 4th

'Saftstationen - Damme'


VERDENSBALLETTEN, founded in 2010 by Jens-Christian Wandt, is a gathering of some of the greatest ballet dancers in the world. Each summer, VERDENSBALLETTEN, gives an extensive tour throghout Denmark with performers such as Steven McRae of Royal Ballet, Iana Salenko of Staats Ballet Berlin and Xander Parish of Bolshoj Theater. 


Verdensballetten has become one of the Scandinavia's most celebrated dance performances and is know for always performing open-air in some of the most exclusive spots of nature in Denmark. 

For the first time and for this special performance on Møn, the dancers will perform inside which will give a unique chance of the audiance to be close to the artists and experience their performance of highligths from this years Verdensballetten.


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